Yoko London acquire extremely rare violet pearls for exclusive new collection. Luxury pearl jewellery brand Yoko London has recently acquired a range of rare and highly valuable Freshwater pearls in unique natural shades of deep violet, forming the new Vigneto Collection.


The brand’s close relationship with the pearl farms helped them secure these most unusually coloured pearls almost as soon as they were extracted from the water.

These captivating gems have been set with glimmering diamonds in 18KT white gold settings in modern and elegant designs, which only enhance their truly unique organic beauty.

Whoever is fortunate enough to acquire a Vigneto piece, can safely say that they own something completely one of a kind.

This collection was exclusively unveiled at the Baselworld exhibition, as one of the centrepieces of Yoko London’s showcase.

Yoko London was born from a family’s relentless pursuit to discover the world’s most exquisite pearls. The company as it is known today has evolved with three generations of the Hakimian family. The insatiable team continually scour the globe searching for the rarest and highest quality pearls in terms of size, colour and lustre.

In the head office thousands of pearls are sorted, graded and matched every single day ensuring only the finest are selected for Yoko London’s collections. These select pearls are then expertly combined by artisans in Yoko London’s workshop, and set in striking designs featuring diamonds and other gemstones.

The majority of Yoko London pieces are handmade, always to the highest standards, and many pieces are completely one of a kind. Some elaborate pieces can take years to create – this meticulous process ensures every pearl in each Yoko London piece sit perfectly in balance with each other.

In 2013 Yoko London was selected to represent modern pearl jewellery at the ‘Pearls’ exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, put on in collaboration with the Qatar Museum’s Authority. The exhibition traced the history of pearls from the Roman Empire to the present day.

Yoko London was recently awarded a JCK Jewelers Choice Award for their much lauded ‘Carnevale’ necklace.

Carnevale Necklace from Yoko London

You can see all of the collections on their website and follow them on  Pinterest.