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Most of us know at least some of the traditional wedding anniversaries, but I doubt that many of us know the complete list. Once again Gohen have come up trumps with a great infographic giving them all, click on it for a larger version to read.

Wedding_Anniversary_Themes (1)

You can get some great hen party ideas at the GoHen website

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There are occasions when it would be lovely to be able to wear gorgeous high-end statement jewellery but we don’t necessarily have the budget.  The Folly Boutique has it covered! Why not hire rather than buy if budget doesn’t allow? With pieces suitable for not only the bride and bridesmaids but mother of the bride/groom as well as wedding guests you can hire everything you need on this  easy to use website. Of course, weddings aren’t the only occasions we might want something different in the jewellery department to set off an outfit, a special night out, Christmas or a New Years Party or a day at the races, The Folly Boutique is bound to have something suitable!

A new online boutique The Folly Boutique is an exciting new website dedicated to designer statement jewellery, which offers a twist for all jewellery lovers. The company is the brainchild of owner Sophie Moore, who herself found the lack of hireable designer jewellery for her own wedding frustrating. It offers fashion lovers and brides looking for something that little bit different the chance to buy or hire high-end pieces. The go-to place to find exquisite unusual costume and statement jewellery, The Folly Boutique represents the idea that women all over the UK can wear designer jewellery for a fraction of the retail value. is a sleek and sophisticated, easy to use online shop showcasing a huge selection of handpicked designers, ranging from the relatively unknown to the top dogs in the fashion jewellery world. The collection includes established and well loved brands such as Mawi and Lara Bohinc, as well as up and coming UK designers like Smith/Grey.


This exciting new  e-store offers a unique product and a unique service, allowing everyone to wear stunning designer jewellery without the commitment. Rent it or buy it, The Folly Boutique displays an exceptional selection of stunning and unusual jewellery for weddings, galas and balls, parties and even for everyday wear.

Director Sophie Moore says “We want our customers to experience the thrill of wearing pieces by the world’s top jewellery brands at a fraction of the price.”  She adds, “Given that our clients can hire or buy most pieces from the online store, it gives them the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ or simply to regularly wear new season statement pieces making them feel fabulous and become the envy of their friends.”


Sophie’s passion for jewellery is longstanding, and through this new business she aims to to get across the idea that all women can enjoy the feeling of wearing fabulous designer statement jewels without having to break the bank. You can order a rental piece through the website, pay a fraction of the retail value by picking a 3 or 6 day rental. It will arrive in the post on the morning of your rental period, you then wear it and enjoy it, pop it into its prepaid returns bag and simply post it back.

· Perfect for brides and weddings

· Stylist advice and personal shopper service

· Wear once and return

· New stock each season

· Luxury packaging and branding

· Try before you buy – Keep the pieces you fall in love with

You can view all the jewellery available to buy and hire on their website, you can also find them on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

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Today I want to show you my new collection of greetings cards inspired by the amazing eggs created between 1885 and 1916 Peter Carl Fabergé, goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, made jewelled Easter eggs for Tsar Alexander lll to give to his wife the Empress Marie Fedorovna. The first was possibly to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

Born in St. Petersburg in 1846 Peter Carl Fabergé followed in his father’s footsteps and took over the family jewellery business in 1870. He created traditional jewellery as well as intricately decorated objects. His famous eggs were made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, however he used precious metals and gemstones rather than more mundane materials such as paint! Each egg was meant to surprise and delight and took months to design and craft.

Easter in the Russian Orthodox Church was the most important occasion of the year, equivalent to Christmas in the West. Easter falls in the spring, the time of year when the earth renews itself after a long cold winter. The word Easter comes from the Norsemen’s Eostur, Eastar, Ostara, and Ostar, and the pagan goddess Eostre, all of which involve the season of the growing sun and new birth. Many cultures believed that the world began with an enormous egg, thus the egg has been a symbol of new life for eons. (Easter Egg History)

A few years ago I started taking jewellery making classes as I like to have a range of skills. I love these beautiful eggs (and wish I was talented enough and had the money to replicate them for real!) so decided that as I would never be able to make the real thing that I would design a range of greetings cards inspired by them using top quality card, relief paint, Swarovski crystals and paper and fabric flowers. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, these cards will bring a touch of regal glamour!

Damask & Gold Verbena

‘Verbena’ Damask Blue card and insert paper with matching envelope, gold relief paint, Swarovski crystals and blue fabric verbena flowers.

Kings Blue & Gold Verbena

‘Verbena’ Kings Blue card with Candlelight Cream insert paper and envelope with gold relief paint, Swarovski crystals and gold fabric verbena.

Rose Trellis Pink & Green

‘Rose Trellis’ Rose Becarré card with matching insert paper and envelope, gold relief paint, Swarovski crystals and green paper roses.

Ruby & Gold Verbena

‘Verbena’ Ruby Peregrina card with Candlelight cream insert paper and envelope, gold relief paint, Swarovski crystals and gold fabric verbena.

Rose Trellis Dark Blue & Terracotta

‘Rose Trellis’ Kings Blue card with Candlelight Cream insert paper & envelope, gold relief paint, Swarovski crystals and terracotta paper roses.


‘Harlequin’ Treasury Gold card with Candlelight Cream insert paper & envelope, gold red & black relief paint and Swarovski crystals.

These A5 cards along with my other stationery and jewellery can be ordered via my boutique at Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous where new designs will be posted as they are ready, or you can contact me by email (


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