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A few years ago I attended a Tweet Up in Taunton – what’s a Tweet Up? I hear you ask! Well, it’s a social event for wedding professionals to get together and network. We follow lots of people on Twitter and through ‘conversations’ on the platform you get to know the people you follow and it’s great now and then to put a face to a name and have a proper conversation. Anyway, at the Tweet Up I met lots of lovely people, including the very talented and funny Emma Woodhouse, aka The Wedding Reporter and @Cloggins. You can read about Emma here, how she found her calling in the wedding industry – and for those of you who know your Jane Austin, yes Emma Woodhouse genuinely is her name!

Emma, in her own words: Goes to weddings. Weeps. Writes delicious report about it.

She will create a beautifully descriptive report for the couple to keep as a literary legacy of their big day.

On her blog this week she shares 5 Things Grooms Need To Know About Wedding Reports which I loved so much I wanted to share it with you!

Clare & Gary AE Photography The Wedding Reporter_001

© AE Photography

1. Having your own love story is literally the most romantic gesture in the whole entire world. If you’re not the kind of guy that easily stumbles upon genius ways in which to woo your other half, a wedding report is the antidote to every sweaty-palmed, garage-forecourt-flowers, disappointed-face situation you’ve ever found yourself in.

2. You don’t even have to acknowledge the existence of a wedding reporter. If you’re of a shy disposition and the thought of having a video camera fixed on you all day makes you feel nauseous, then rest assured that you won’t even know we’re there. Unobtrusive and stealth are our middle names (N.B. not legally).

3. Talking of videos, you don’t have to watch yourself or listen to your own voice doing a speech when you’ve got a wedding report. Instead of cringing at your own performance you can revel in reading your role as the hero of the story. We’ll basically make you out to be a rock star.

4. One day, you may have miniature versions of yourself. They are going to laugh at you when you tell them about Walkman stereos and sneer at photos of your frosted tips when you were trying to look like a member of 5ive. What they won’t do, when you hand them your wedding report from all those many moons ago, is have any grounds on which to laugh at your unassailable groom style.

5. A year from now, you are going to have a wedding anniversary. The customary present for this occasion is paper. You know what’s made of paper? A wedding report book. Boom, we just sorted out your first anniversary present for you.

And, for a bonus point, my very own husband turned to me after he’d finished reading what I’d written about our wedding and said, “That’s brilliant. Everything after 8 o’clock was a bit muddy in my brain, but I’m glad to know I had as good a time as I thought I did.”

You can follow Emma on Facebook and Twitter, follow her blog and get the full details on her website.

Italy has got to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world, in fact it’s where Mr Lilguys and I got engaged, in a quaint and rather eccentric hotel in Lucca at the end of a wonderful 10 day holiday driving around Tuscany using satnav with a warped sense of humour!

Whatever the style of wedding you are looking to have, Wed in Italy can help you out.

Raffaella Alflatt founded the company ‘WedinItaly’, with one purpose: to grant couples their wish of having the perfect destination wedding in Italy.

So..What is the wedding of your dreams?


Vintage Wedding in Tuscany

Maybe it’s a blow-out party with friends gathering from all over the world, where the Champagne runs like water and there’s dancing under the stars until they disappear behind the dawn.

Could it be at a cliffside villa overlooking the Mediterranean, or a medieval Castle in the Tuscan hills?


Amalfi Coast Wedding


Wedding at Vincigliata Castle

Or do you prefer the romantic atmosphere or Rome or Venice?


Wedding in Rome

Or it could be an intimate gathering of your nearest and dearest that lasts for days amidst new experiences in a stunning destination on Lake Como or Amalfi coast?


Lake Como Wedding

Perhaps it’s somewhere in between; a mix of raucous times and special memories that last a lifetime.
We have created unforgettable events in the Italy’s most stunning destinations for satisfied clients from many different cultures.

Hindi Wedding in Italy

Each event is personally designed and overseen by Rome born event manager Raffaella Alflatt, whether it is in design, organisation, venues selection, location scouting, F&B, guests hospitality, hotel accommodations, service staffing and more. With us you benefit from the expertise of our professional team based in London, Rome and now also in Germany.


Wedding at Villa Aurelia

Our planners guarantee a complete assistance from the very early stage of your wedding planning process and until you leave the country for your new life together!

Raffaella Alflatt : ‘Since 2004, we’ve guided newlyweds through every step of planning a wedding in Italy to ensure that when they arrive for their nuptials, everything is ready and waiting for them to say, “I do.” From the shores of Lake Como to a cliffside terrace on the Amalfi coast to a 16th-century villa nestled in the hills just outside Florence, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming scores of luxury wedding parties to some of the most stunning locations in Il Bel Paese.’

We’d love to help you make your wedding in Italy extraordinarily magical and purely unforgettable!


Our team have been managing weddings and events for many years and your event is our passion.
We place great emphasis on providing the highest quality customer service, achieving this with a flexible and friendly approach to our customers’ needs.

Our team work with passion, providing both a positive attitude and professional approach.

We believe in creating weddings that express your individual style and personality, hence getting to know you as individuals is crucial to reflect your vision as a couple at your wedding.
We strive to cater for every small detail that best reflect the couple and makes a noticeable difference between an ordinary wedding and your tailor made event.
Should you not be able to visit us in London, Rome or Florence for a private consultation, we are able, in certain instances, to travel to your residence for private and follow-up consultations.

You can contact Wed In Italy via the website, find them on Facebook where there are lots more gorgeous photos to feast your eyes on, and follow them on Twitter.