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Diamond Store Guarantees Ethical, Conflict-Free Canadian Diamonds

UK Diamond retailer, The Diamond Store, is the UK’s only online retailer selling conflict-free, ethical Canadian Diamonds. The Canadian Diamond is discerned as the most ethical, conflict-free diamond in the world with its unique and comprehensive registration process.

Unlike other diamonds from around the world, Canadian diamonds are fully traceable all the way from the mine; they are the only diamonds in the world that can be traced in this way.


In an effort to assist its customers in choosing conflict-free diamonds, The Diamond Store clearly labels all Canadian diamonds on its website. Called ‘the perfect ethical diamond’, the Canadian diamonds are mined, cut and polished under Canadian government supervision and come with a 100% guarantee that they are not only completely conflict-free but also have not been mined at the expense of the locals or without consideration for the surrounding environment.

The diamonds are mined in accordance with principles of sustainable development and to the highest environmental standards in the world. In turn, this has brought economic prosperity to the North Canadian region.


The Diamond Store Managing Director, Gary Ingram, is excited about the offering and knows his customers will appreciate the peace of mind. “The origin of diamonds and the process to bring them to UK shores is an ongoing concern for both The Diamond Store and its customers. It’s important to us to be able to offer an entirely ethical, conflict-free option to our clients who often express concern about the life of their diamonds before they reach them.”

The high quality diamonds are sold with a Canadian Diamond Certificate, an Independent Grading Certificate and a Unique Identification Number inscribed on the jewel that is invisible to the naked eye.


Arguably, this makes the diamonds more valuable. Ingram continued, “Should the diamonds ever be sold, the seller can not only prove the colour, clarity, carat and cut, but they can also prove the jewel’s history and pass on the diamond’s passport to the new owners.”

Owners can see the location and date their diamond was mined, its original size, manufacture date, and final weight, colour and clarity. All of this information can be found on The Canadian Diamond website.


To find out more and to purchase these Canadian diamonds visit The Diamond Store website, you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.